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Net weight of frame: L160: 60g, L160-2: 100g
Take off weight: L160: 200g, L160-2: 245g
Frame width: 160MM
Material: Carbon Fiber
Motor: 1306-2300KV
Propeller length: 4 Inch
Brushless ESC:Simonk 6A
Flight Controller:Mini CC3D/CC3D
Camera Type:CMOS Board
Video Transmission: 5.8Ghz 32 channel 200MW
Video Receiver: 5.8Ghz 8 channel
Monitor:4.3 inch video receiver built inside
FPV system : Unable to record
Recommended Battery:2S OR 3S 500mah to 1000mah
Flight time: 5-12min
Control Distance: 500m

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