1. What is DroneTrader.ca?

    DroneTrader.ca is a free drone classifieds listing service for Canada. We provide an organized, searchable listing service for your drones and UAVs.  Read more.

  2. I am planning to sell my drone, why should I list my used drone on DroneTrader.ca?

    Local classifieds sites (Kijiji etc) are great, but provide no way of searching for a specific drone or series of drones. For example, there is no way to search for "Phantom 3 series drones" specifically, and no way to target only specific manufacturers you are interested in purchasing from. With the growing (or should we say exploding) drone market, it is very important to have a great venue to… Read more.

  3. I just followed the steps to generate an ad, but it is not appearing on the site.

    All of our ads are moderated prior to going live on the site. With the rampant spamming that seems to plague many classifieds sites, we feel it is very important to screen the ads that are posted in an attempt to ensure a great user experience. We may not be able to catch everything, but definitely work hard at keeping ads relevant. Ads are typically approved within the hour but may take up to 24… Read more.

  4. How do I remove my ad from the website?

    Please log in to your account using the same email you used to generate the ad. If this does not work for you please email [email protected] for assistance. Read more.

  5. There is a category missing I would like added, who do I email?

    Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] with any questions or feedback. Read more.

  6. Do you sell drones?

    No, we do not sell drones, but do provide a free listing service for your used drones or drone related services. If you would like to purchase a new drone, please visit one of the partner sites listed in the sidebar of the main page or visit the drone directory listed here. We also will be adding a "used passenger drone" category once this market grows.  Read more.