Storm Racing Drone Type B Naked Frame
Have you watched that famous Sci-Fi movie with Podracing? Ever think of building one of your own? Now technology allows you to do that and very economically, in Remote Control version!

You don't need a lot of stuff to build one, we have all of the items you need, but first, you'll need an naked frame. We usually use 250 class (that means motor to motor distance is 250mm apart) for racing because they have best Power to Weight ratio, the drone can fly very fast yet still very stable and easy to control. Different frame give you different characters, but what affect the drone mostly is the Motor and Propeller selection and Flight Controller parameters, give your drone the unique setup, upgrade it with beautiful lighting and decals, that's what makes the game interesting, we highly recommend you try this 250 class speed drones.

You are looking at the Storm Racing Drone Type B Naked Frame, made with Carbon Fiber and aluminum column, motor to motor distance is 255mm, it's a relatively small drone among the 250 class, the "fuselage" section is obviously smaller, but still easy to hold Flight Controller and RC Receiver, for the battery you have two ways to mount, you can insert a Storm 11.1V 1500mah from the rear (size just right!) and balance the weight with Camera and FPV transmitter in front, or simply piggy back a 11.1V 2200mah on the upper deck for easier weight distribution and longer flight. We like this Type B Naked Frame a lot because it's smaller than others. One more thing, please always check the front and rear loading and get best C.G. before flying, we also recommend to use with 2204 brushless motor and 5030 propellers.

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