Drone technology has advanced significantly in the past few years. With this new technology comes opportunities for experienced drone owners to earn money. Here are some of the many ways you can start earning money today with your drone.

Construction Site Inspections

Inspecting construction sites can be quite a lucrative business for drone owners. Construction management companies are willing to pay at least $100 an hour for a high-quality on-site aerial inspections. Selling a package deal of multiple views to a construction management company for $300-$500 wouldn't be a hard sell. Not sure who to approach in order to land your first construction site inspection? Visit drone project brokers such as HireUAVPro, and you may already have contractors looking for someone just like you!

Photography and Videography of Homes for Sale

Real estate agents are always looking for new and creative ways to sell their homes. If you are bundling your aerial photography and videography services together, you could be looking at making right around $500 per home flyover. Learning the ins and outs of your local real estate market will help you start this type of drone business. Land Surveying Selling land can be a very profitable thing to do if you are sitting on an unused property. However, real estate agents have trouble selling their client's land when they don't have the proper photography or video to showcase the land. With the use of your drone, you could charge a few hundred dollars to an agent or seller who needs high-quality aerial photos of their land. Build your portfolio by offering sample shots for free, and selling them to the realtor if they are happy with them. 

Wedding Videography

There is a booming market lately in the videography industry that is focused around high-quality wedding videos. More brides and grooms are becoming interested in having their wedding filmed by a drone expert. As a beginner, you can expect to charge between $600-$800 for a full wedding video. However, once you are more experienced, it is reasonable to charge $1,000-$2,000 based on your skills. Always make sure to maintain safe distances away from the crowd. Using safety equipment such as prop guards is also recommended to prevent injury or damage.

Rent Your Drone

Don't have any projects lined up for a week or two? You can easily rent out your drone to filmmakers for $100-$500 a day depending on your area and the type of drones you have available for rent. You must make sure that the renter of your drone purchases an insurance policy before you let them take your drone for the day to cover both liability and hull damage. 

News Footage

Newsrooms are always looking for the latest breaking news footage first. This raises their credibility and ratings. If you are able to get the best aerial footage of a news event first, it is very reasonable to expect to earn $500-$1,000 for this aerial video. Always make sure to follow the rules when 

The Bottom Line: Drones are here to stay, and customers no longer look at using drones as a novelty. In fact, if you publicize your availability, you may have clients calling you, knowing exactly what they want. Keep your drone ready to fly at all times, always follow the rules as set forth by Transport Canada, and you can capitalize on the new acceptance of drones for a wide array of commercial uses.