Drones as Tools: 3 Drone Apps You May Not Know About.

Publish Date: 06-05-17

Many consumers and companies are excited about what drones have to offer, but unless drones can add some real value and provide a reasonable ROI, the industry would quickly die off. DroneDeploy, Autopilot and Skyclaim are three apps that greatly expand th… Read more

5 Quick Ways to Start Making Money with your Drone

Publish Date: 28-04-17

Drone technology has advanced significantly in the past few years. With this new technology comes opportunities for experienced drone owners to earn money. Here are some of the many ways you can start earning money today with your drone. Construction S… Read more

Look Up! Police Drones coming to the skies near you...

Publish Date: 27-04-17

In England, ‘The Flying Squad’ is a branch of the police force used to tackle serious and organized crime. But since one force is recruiting a "drone manager" to head up a new unit devoted to tackling crime with police drones, they might need to thin… Read more

It's all the rage! Drone Racing Leagues in 2017

Publish Date: 27-04-17

The burgeoning sport of Drone Racing involves zipping along at high speeds, whizzing through obstacles, banking hard, flipping over, and turning on a dime as you watch through VR goggles. Oh, and crashing too. It can get your head in a spin when you’re we… Read more

Drones in the Search & Rescue Industry

Publish Date: 27-04-17

Drones can trace their origins back to the kinds of hobbyists who for years have enjoyed flying remote controlled model aircraft, but in recent years, what used to be thought of as just toys have really come of age. Drones are now a well-established tool… Read more

5 Major Drone Trends To Look Out For This Year

Publish Date: 19-04-17

Let's face it - most of us can't help but wonder what the next big trend in the drone market will be. As soon as they were presented to the market, drones have made huge waves and have proven to be a real game-changer in many industries.From farming to re… Read more